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Blog Post No 38. The purchase of a Bay Window camper in the 1990’s enabled us to become more free in the direction of our holidays. As well as staying in various destinations in Yorkshire we spent time more frequently in the Lake District. Always we used good quality Club and other sites from Bowness-on-Windermere to Ravenglass.

As well as using the local bus services to give us end to end walks we enjoyed going on the lake steamers. In this instance I think that we had spent much of the day ‘ on the water ‘ and were returning into Bowness-on-Windermere pier.

It had been a sunny day and I had taken several photos whilst on board. I was hoping for ‘ something good ‘ on our run in.

There was the Tern, the oldest of the the three steamers. Built in 1891 as a ‘ steamer ‘ it was later converted to diesel but still retained it’s graceful and charismatic looks.

With only a ‘ one shot at a time ‘ camera, and not in control of the angle of approach, luck plays a part in the photo you get and it’s composition.