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Blog Post No 55 This image was taken during one of our favourite walks in the Calder Valley between Todmorden and Walsden. In the 1990s Rose and I several times left the train at the former town and climbed up the northern slopes of the valley to join the old pack horse route. Then after a short distance a corner is turned and (to us) a glorious view unfolds showing up and down the expanse of the valley, the road, river, canal and railway all entwined.

Usually for us time to sit, eat, and enjoy before setting off down to join the canal which is about half way between the the two towns.We retrace our steps a short way to this view. (It is an easier option to reach this spot by walking directly from Todmorden by the canal towpath).

Now to the picture. Here we have one of the hire canal boats entering the lock.For the composition there is quite a lot of interest. Apart from the canal boat itself nosing it’s way in, there is the stonework, the open lock gates and long ladder. There is the footbridge, winding gear for the sluices,grasses and other vegetation enclosing the lock. As a backdrop the ornate Railway bridge makes it’s own statement. Seven people are portrayed in specific locations. The person on the right closing off that side.And a black block on the left stops the eye exiting on that side. Then there is the Water,my speciality.

As in all my paintings , get anything wrong and the whole painting is ruined ! !

Especially after the recent floods, please explore the Calder valley to support the people and enjoy the beautiful scenery. With my immobility and distance to travel we much regret that we are not now able to continue to do this. But we did many times before even the canals were restored, and we loved it.