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Blog Post No 78. ….This image is taken from the cliff top path ( the Cleveland Way) to Boggle Hole. I was going on to state that this bay was created due to the usual coastal erosion. But NO. From three booklets provided by my wife Rose who has interests in many things, these flat rocks or scars running into the sea have a far more interesting past.

I use a melange of words from all three booklets………. They are all that remain of a huge geological dome structure. This caused by tectonic earth movements before being eroded to leave magnificent wave cut platforms or rings of lower Jurassic strata.

I bet that you didn’t expect that for a geography and history lesson ! ! Neither did I. Now an interesting subject for a photographer and artist. The remaining land mass stops at the cliffs.

Painted before my cancer so I can’t remember the exact details. I used thin washes of yellows, red/ pinks, blues of probably acrylics which work the same as watercolours, with the added advantage of remaining stable when dry. This means that they can be overpainted without turning to ‘mud’ like watercolours might.

With paper or canvas at a gentle slope I ran small amounts of ONE colour where I required down the cliff face, and then while still damp ran down a SECOND colour on or next to the FIRST to let them intermingle. If required lift slightly and alter the plane and angle of the slope.Then when dry run the same or different colours down where you want. I use a number of very small jam pots to mix the paints. ( I always eat the jam first ! ! ).

There is always an element of chance in these type of procedures, and often unforeseen, interesting and exciting results occur.

Try it, enjoy it, have FUN and stay safe