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One of my many tramway reconstructions of Leeds sourced and painted in the 1980/90s At that time the Majestic was a Cinema and Dance Hall apart from any other functions that it afforded. City Square ( which was not a square ) was the western hub for the tram routes, mainly East/West, and North/East.

This view looks at the tram route West which proceeds along Wellington Street at the left hand side of the Cinema. As can be seen from this painting, this was part of a busy interchange where I managed to include one of the several lovely ladies ( whose names are now forgotten ), on pedestals holding high their ornate lamps.

The types of trams included are two Horsfields in the foreground. Behind the car on route 3 there are side views of a Chamberlain followed by an ex London Feltham, many of which were purchased when London’s trams were made redundant by replacement buses.