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Blog Post No 76 Hi everybody. I came across this image during my recent trawl of old paintings on 35 mm transparencies. Not feeling too brilig for the past few days, so for the first time I am doing this Blog without doing a preparatory draft.

I can’t remember how long ago Rose and I last went to Malham when this image was created, and whether it is by brush or painting trowel. However I still like the vigorous method employed and have been thinking that when I do get back to painting, this is what I might well enjoy doing.

The first thing that I notice is that darks as I keep mentioning were even at this stage a combination of ultramarine and Alizarin mixed on the paper. Intermediate shades of these two colours were applied to other areas such as roofs, bridge etc keeping a unity to the Composition. A green and a yellow were also applied in a similar manner possibly with the addition of white.

Notice how the light portion of the bridge with the two figures and the touch of red on the building also help to balance the picture. If you like this style of painting, be bold and have bash. Find a picture that you like and copy it, in any way that is satisfying TO YOU.

While painting or doing anything else of interest, it does take my thoughts away from our present situation

Stay safe