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Malton is a busy town with a cattle market almost midway between York and Scarborough. With rail and good bus links and shops it hosts a regular market in a triangular ‘ square’ alongside the church.

Due to a request I photographed and completed two paintings of a vibrant market in full sway. This view No 1 faces north. Like some other market and town scenes, here I use two distinct methods of painting, one for the structures and another for the market stalls plus the action. I apply as much colour as seems reasonable for the latter.

Compensation in the church tower has to be made for photographic parallax problems which can cause more difficulties to correct than is apparent in creating ‘ verticality. Fortunately this is no different than usual in the type of work that I used to do.

Now to comments about the present. In the past few months l have started a small art group at my local library with full permission from the trustees and helpful assistance from the volunteers.

The express object was and is for members to ‘do their own thing’ but as a social group to be encouraged to TALK and DISCUSS paintings and the creating of a painting. It seemed a tough ask and I had no idea regarding any response. But with such a lovely group of enthusiastic and intelligent people the response has been brilliant. Everybody joins in, and the progress and confidence gained in a relatively short time has been beyond my expectations.

All members of the group are happy that I shall continue to mention our activities in my forthcoming blogs over time.

This is my way of freely giving my time and years of experience to create a SOCIAL and enjoyable interaction with a purpose.