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Blog Post No 86………This is another of the images I created for the beautifully produced Kingsmead Cards commissioned by Heather Hilder. The arrangement functioned very well over several years. With cities in the north ( except Leeds where I was able to access suitable material ) , usually black and white images were sent to me to reconstruct snow scenarios for Hospital and Hospice Charity Christmas Cards.

Copyrights were transferred to Kingsmead for two/three years and then returned to me. This is the first time in these Blogs that they have been seen since.

I have photographed several cards like this using the front and back of two cards, showing the title and write up given to me by Heather. Her father was the famous landscape artist Roland Hilder, and I always felt it a privilege to have been sought out to create these works.

Using the buildings, considerable exploration and imagination was always required to assemble the ‘ action ‘. Unfortunately the cooperation ceased when we were forced like many others to leave Headingley by the spread of student accommodation.

And regrettably the plans we had made for removal did not work out well and due to circumstances I lost touch with Heather.

According to the press today there does seem the possibility of slight relaxation of our lockdown soon, so let us together, but separate keep busy and safe