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Blog Post No 82 …… This painting is a hybrid of years, buildings and people. It is a product of a situation which did not materialise from a photograph received. And having part completed the painting I decided to give it another twist, not wanting to waste the time and effort in getting so far.

Now after a decade stuck in the dark, I came across it doing a trawl I again decided that the painting might as well see the light of day.

The viewer is not expected to understand what I have just written !

The nicely cleaned up and decorated buildings are a far cry from how they might have looked in the 19th century. The elegantly attired people I made up and introduced to the scene are all probably well clothed for their day. And it is unlikely that Manet in the left foreground would have flown over from Paris by a low cost airline to seek out new subjects to paint.

However I think that it looks interesting and hope you like the scenario. It’s a twist on what I do ! ! !

I’m doing this in the middle of the night as my right knee and leg which have been supporting my bionic left leg for four years have decided that they have had enough. It’s less painful out of bed and doing work is a pleasure which also takes the mind off the problem.

Just a fact, no sympathy please, it’s just part of the rich tapestry of life and we get on with it. As l have stated at the start in my home page, I would not be here now without the ministrations of those wonderful people in the N H S at Scarborough and York who saved my life those four years ago.

Every day I can’t image the courage of the present day N H S people who confront this deadly virus often without the protection they need.

I salute you.

Everyone stay safe