On a busy fine day looking north bounded by the church.

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Blog Post no 149 on 10 / 06 / 2021

Hi hope there is still someone out there. This is the first Blog from the “ Lone Ranger “ alias Pete Lapish. See my completely rewritten Home Page on my new website. WELCOME.

Another apology for the long delay from the last Blog. The reason – the amount of time I and Mike Hutchinson my new web designer together have been putting in to recreate the www.petelapish.art website.

With much more work than just reorganising images into Many Locations and Subjects, each with up to twenty paintings, these are now much more easily found to be perused.

Having continued to learn so much in the past few months, I shall continue in future Blogs to try to tell you as briefly as possible about the shown painting and how we are, or how we are not progressing.

Mike is somehow going to LINK the website with an entry on Facebook ! !

I hope to continue shortly with my Blog No ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY.