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Blog Post No 42. Occasionally I go ‘ off the rails ‘ and decide to create some form of ‘Modern Art’. Sometimes it has been ‘ Fauvism ‘, another a golfing melange, or exploring the possibilities of a doodle. Then enhancing the doodle with COLOUR.

This is only one portion of the WHOLE painting as I have cropped out and created from it several mini compositions to fit a 4 : 3 format.

I would recommend any form of ‘ Artwork ‘ for relaxation or stress relief. Whilst one is so occupied the person will possibly be in the ‘ zone ‘ and other problematical thoughts banished.

At this point I must admit that at the moment BLOGGING is the only method that I can cope with to communicate with you the viewer and / or reader. I am really pleased that so many have logged in, and according to my web designer have stayed with the site. It is my hope that you all have enjoyed at least some of my paintings. And my scribblings have given encouragement to some who might be finding ARTWORK hard going.

Remember, I am totally SELF TAUGHT and have had many setbacks to overcome along the way. Only now after about fifty years painting am I analysing all these past works as I have had no reason to do so previously.

There are many more paintings to follow as soon as I find the time to write them up.