Blog Post No 117

I have been thinking about writing about this for some time. Talking to my friends, they all think that I should.

If it should help to save ONE LIFE it will be worth it.

In apparent denial of Health Services to Cancer and Possible Cancer patients during the Corvid 19 epidemic I am prompted to tell you about my DIFfICULT to Diagnose CANCER. This to prompt any one who feels that they could have a problem to check it out URGENTLY.

I shall make the telling as short as possible.

I did NOT have a lump or a bump. I had a PAIN in my LEG. To be correct I had a PAIN in my LEFT THIGH.

It started mildly during the summer 2015. Several consultations during the following four months all agreed that it was SCIATICA. Then at the end of October, the pain which had steadily been increasing ‘ fell off a cliff ‘ and became excruciating.

Sent into hospital as an emergency inpatient, an MRI scan indicated a problem. In early November a BIG operation gave me a replacement hip and a replacement for the thigh bone.

Much later the ‘ chief ‘ surgeon told me that I had become a ‘ celebrity ‘ by the scope of the surgery. I can assure you that there are much better ways of becoming a celebrity !

Then the hospital had to find out what kind of cancer I had. I well remember one of the doctors on his rounds, coming over to my bed to say to me ‘ We WILL find out what is wrong with you ‘.

I feel that is enough for one day. I shall continue in Blog No 118