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Blog Post No 52. I purchased this black and white view of Scarborough ( with others ) from Scarborough library many years ago with agreement that this would give me information for painting. Not all that many people seem to know that a pier situated in the North Bay had been destroyed by a storm in 1906. I would have been well into recreating scenes of Leeds and other situations in the 1980’s when this image was painted.

In my quest to make scenarios more interesting, colourful flowering plants have been introduced into the bankings. And people(s) walking into the scene draw the gaze into the creative way the Victorians have moulded the slope to entice the promenading of visitors.The imaginative designing of the pathways, and the intricate tracery of the wooden bridge lend themselves to a much more interesting walk.

And to top that is the splendid backdrop of the bay with the castle atop the headland.