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The NBR is a narrow gauge passenger carrying railway between Peasholm and the Sealife Centre. Commencing at Manor Park station we go round the end of a small lake and behind the open air theatre. We then proceed through a short tunnel eventually. emerging alongside the promenade where sits this station platform. North Bay terminus is about half a mile along the track, above the Sealife Centre which is located in the white pyramids.

The composition is taken from the footbridge over the tracks.

The white pyramids help balance the foreground action. As there were no people on the platform it seemed necessary to make up and pop in the little family group to add more life to the painting.

The two 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman type A3 locomotives, Neptune and Triton, which are the mainstay of the NBR services, had a previous existence as they circled the then much larger 1930’s lake at the Golden Acre leisure park near Leeds.

The bird observation hut at Golden Acre Park is the subject of a painting by myself at the reduced lake in the 1990’s yet to be posted.