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Blog Post No 39. Having lived in Leeds for a large part of my life I can remember being brought here by my parents as a child of about eight. Whilst they played a tennis match on the nearby courts I was free to play on the river bank below the weir. This was of course was at a time when the flow over Otley weir was merely a trickle.

This image is of a time following heavy rains on the catchment area of the Pennines. The photograph from which this image was painted would have been taken probably in the 1990’s when Garnett’s mill was still in existence.

As I often say, one of my interests is to paint WATER in it’s many guises. In this instance it is to depict the effect of rushing, sliding waters going over the lip of the weir, cascading down it’s slope, and then crashing into a lower level, foaming and continuing it’s headlong dash to the sea.

The time of year has given shades of Autumn to the trees and is created by me with washes of colours through the branches already painted and lower foliage.