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Blog Post No 63 At the end of a walk on the beach at the South Bay here was a situation with possibilities. An interesting grouping with a good backdrop.

In this instance the paddlers themselves create the picture. It is the inter positioning and actions which cause the gaze to flit between them. It almost gives movement between the people compounded by the wavelets and reflections in the waters.

The verticals of the paddlers is continued upwards by the lighthouse tower and masts. Then the horizontals of the piers counter balance and pause this upward movement. The heads of the people breaking into the base of the piers unites the two distinct halves of the picture to create the whole.

I think that the lady perusing some object and the boy exiting to the left are a strong theme and convey mixed messages. I deliberately introduced the tiny yachts in the distance which support the young people preventing the gaze exiting to the right.

I hope you this gives something to distract in these coronavirus lock down days