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Blog Post No 106……..As there are very few Leeds City Tramway views in the past one hundred and fifty postings it seems time for another.

This one is of Park Row just north of City Square. I mention from time to time, I am just as interested in the architecture of the buildings as the vehicular transport.

However I will commence with the trams. Of particular interest is the single deck purple and cream Coronation Car built in 1953. Only two were built with different equipment to assess which was to be the fore runner of a new fleet of trams. They never came to pass ! ! !

Tram number 154 was one of a very successful fleet of four wheel Horsfield Cars with ahead of it an older Chamberlain car. As we always say, wait for a bus or a tram and two will come at once !

On the right hand side inside Lane, a Jowett ( Bradford ) van is making it’s way into town.

Park Row as I remember it was a road made up mainly of banks and insurance type offices.

The space on the left just behind the traffic lights ( which were reputedly the first to function in England ) was the pre war site of the Leeds City Museum, demolished as it had received a direct hit from a Second World War bomb.

As usual I well people my paintings both on and off the pavements and inside the transport.

It’s good to get out again but Rose and I stay well within our own bubble