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Blog Post No 85………….Until now I have not shown any of the photographs which I have used or not used for my paintings. However with all the gardening programmes showing beautiful images, I look on ours, to a lesser extent, as a work of art in a similar fashion.

This photo taken in early April this year 2020, has yet to start the emergence of colour that will develop throughout the seasons, and which I shall continue to photograph.

This garden was not like this when we took over about twelve years ago, being mainly grass. Then I was relatively fit, cut out curving borders, purchased and planted fruit trees and organised the gazebo. Now being quite disabled, that kind of activity is well beyond me.

The genius of the garden is my wife, Rose who is a knowledgeable plants woman, has done all the purchasing and organising that is visible, herself working by the pot plants.

The garden is now a haven for bird life with several feeding stations and water bowls. Sparrow Towers ( the beech hedge running the full length on the left ) can be particularly noisy when sparrow parliament is in session.

More later in the year.

Keep safe