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Blog Post No 32 This painting will not be to everyone’s taste but illustrates and disproves an allegation put to me that paintings from photographs must of necessity be slavish copies.

This image is another painting in the style of the Fauvists, ( wild beasts ) a short lived post impressionist group. Colour was often strident and violent embracing a variety of styles and was never subtle. I like some of the Fauvist paintings for the use of bright colour, and I like particularly to incorporate bright yellows, orange and red.

This is an interpretation of one of my photos taken on slopes up to Ilkley moor, the famous Cow and Calf Rocks overlooking the town and the Wharfe Valley. It is but a short walk from the car park which is situate nearly at the top of the long gradient up from the town of Ilkley.

Figures are added to the picture to give scale and that additional ‘ life ‘ and ‘human touch ‘ to the image. Also appearing is that extra touch of pure red in one of the figures which I like to incorporate in my paintings where appropriate. This creates a main focal point and distraction from the main subjects which are of course the Cow and Calf Rocks.

Notice that there are a few strategically placed ‘ DARKS ‘ which enhance and give contrast to the ‘ LIGHTS ‘. My darks are usually created from varying amounts of alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue some times with added white. These colours can be varied depending upon the range of colours use in any particular painting. Paints used in this image are acrylics.