Post 10        Artistic Compoition by Pete Lapish.   This is a “modern art” idea from a painting by Viera Da Silva – “Egypt”.    His painting is a complete contrast to my finished scenario but based upon the same principle :  SPATIAL AWARENESS.

All matters connected to RAILWAYS are of interest to me and into my mind came the station concourse at Leeds station but with different orientation.   Construction of the COMPOSITION has to start with the rear wall.    Within that wall the VANISHING POINT for all the lines of recession is found about mid point at eye level.

The FOUR corners of the rear wall delineate the starting points for the two walls, the floor and the ceiling.    Next came the creation of the rear wall pattern with the entrance to the train shed and platforms   . Within the entrance is the partial sighting of a steam locomotive.

The width of the floor, ceiling and wall boarding ( which provide the recession ) is deliberately arbitrary as is the sectioning of the boards.   I love bright colours, and that is what is applied with thought.   Then came the action withe carefully placed passengers    .Travel Posters are then inserted at convenient intervals to break up the wall space.      ” Modern art ” is another thing which interests me but  prefer it to have some meaning.

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