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Post  No 17    This image is one of the first to be entered onto Facebook and was intended to be transposed to Blogs but did not succeed.   At that time I really did not have a clue about how to go about Posting so it is as well that I am dealing with it again with expanded notes.

I had in my mind exactly what this composition might turn out to be.   It took four visits to the same spot over over a period of months.  The final visit was when there was ice upon the surface of the lake and the trees leafless so that at last the pagoda could be seen.

Then to the PAINTING.     In the foreground my wife with two other figures give depth to the scene.   The boathouse and landing stage are now HISTORIC, replaced due to their collapse into the mud following many many years of service.   I had hoped to photograph canoes moored to the staging but there were rowing boats there on the day so these make a good substitute. The centre of activity had to be the action of a boat being rowed towards the viewer.  People on the landing stage doing their respective ”things’ were positioned where they actually were or where i considered improved the composition.

And the trees painted ‘in leaf’ are shortened to enable the PAGODA, the reason for extra visits to be seen in it’s correct location.