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Blog Post No 132

Derwentwater has many a bay

With headlands around to see

What lies beyond, what delights will be

Where yachts can gather and stay.

Portinscale we had to find

By hook and by crook we had to see

Eventually in my boat you’ll agree

Round the reeds and there it will be.

Beyond the lake’s outlet running free

The lake’s water escaping to be

A new river flowing to the sea

Was the harbour of Portinscale ahead of me.

In the 1990’s we stayed many times at the Keswick Camping and Caravanning Club site situate on the shores of Derwentwater. This was only a short distance from Portinscale BY WATER not by land.

We stayed there so often I purchased a boat, a Tinker Tramp, with mast, sail, oars, keel, rudder etc. I was a hopeless sailor, but good with the oars.

Pip, our collie loved it so much he couldn’t wait to scramble in when we put it in the water. His position was in the bow. It was fitting that we promoted him to be captain ! !

The verse tells how we got to Portinscale and it’s small harbour.

This image from the land side.

Yet again STAY SAFE