This is Yorkshire artist Pete Lapish (pronounced Lay-Pish) commencing my long delayed sortie into Facebook.
Now aged 81 and having been a professional artist for over forty years, I am now in recovery from cancer and slowly getting to grips with digital technology to use in the portrayal of my paintings. This posting is to set my agenda. With the input and direction of my good friend and computer guru, Mick Jones, I choose this method to showcase my paintings.
Over time, talking with people interested in art or who have ‘dabbled’ in art or are confused or struggling, in my opinion the most difficult issue is how to get started.
Apart from being an artist, as a long time past schoolteacher, I aim to use my images in future postings to illustrate some basic principles and methods on how I approach my work.
These I use in conjunction with my website The home page will give more information followed by 50 of my painting, each with brief comments. I will commence POST 2 with ARTISTIC COMPOSITION.
Do we need to think about this before starting to draw or paint?