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Blog Post No 95 ……….I think that this image is from the first time we went to North Norfolk. Our then teen age son was keen on bird watching, so we decided to visit the ‘ bird watching capital of the world ‘ Cley.

However after a long drive we had to find a place to stay the night, and at Thornham we found a lovely reception at a B and B.

For the remains of the day we explored the Creek, which was a revelation to us and a complete contrast to Yorkshire. It was the first time we had experienced boardwalks needed to cross the tidal flats with supported stakes giving ninety degree angles to the horizontal vegetation.

The icing on the cake was to find the yacht being prepared for sail. It’s tall mast sectoring the sky and complementing the many handrail vertical stakes. And the two mariners hard at work.

Yes. Andy did get his fill of bird watching along the coast for the rest of our stay.

There is no other way of finishing but to say, still be very aware and STAY SAFE