Racehorses passing The Black Bull, Middleham.
Pete’s Paintings from Photos. Post No 3 ARTISTIC COMPOSITION – continued.

Now to this painting. I considered and staked out the LOCATION for the COMPOSITION and eventually horses and jockeys rode into view to inhabit the space.

The BLACK BULL and the racehorses off the centre and to the RIGHT. When painting I felt it necessary to create a small family group going into the picture to fill that space and to add FURTHER INTEREST.

So I made them up and popped them in.

To the LEFT the properties fronted by the cars give a shallow diagonal which aids recession. The chimney stack to the extreme left creates what I call a STOP END.This stops the eye travelling out of the picture.

These buildings take us into a glimpse of the YORKSHIRE countryside and the rural surroundings of the entrance to Coverdale. The background also links together the two main elements of the COMPOSITION.

Please join me again for Pete’s Post No 4, PHOTOGRAPHY