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Blog Post No 77. This is an update of Blog posts 2 and 3 when the creation of these was a completely new experience, the focus different from now and I knew practically nothing about everything digital. The main aim now is to have an enlarged version of the painting in line with all more recent ones. The original points are still relevant so I leave Blogs 2 and 3 in place.

This is the second of four racehorse paintings I created in Middleham. It is the centre of the horse racing ‘ industry ‘ with many stables in and around the village. When one has no idea where any of the stables are hiding behind the frontages in the main streets, and the first inkling of where horse and their jockeys might appear from narrow side alleys is the clatter of hoofs on cobbles, then getting a decent COMPOSITION including the racehorses is a matter of luck and instant reaction.

The Gallops are a short distance up the road into Coverdale. With my small pocket camera I never got a worthwhile shot of the racehorses galloping despite efforts to do so. That’s life, in this case it’s pointless trying to create a painting without that most important thing, a GOOD COMPOSITION.

Let’s get through this lockdown period and keep safe