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Blog Post No 100 ……This is the third of four racehorse paintings I have done at Middleham. The images were all photographed a few years ago. At the time I had absolutely no idea where the many stables were situated.

Also from which direction the racehorses would appear, and where I would need to be to photo them in a good location ( composition ). As it happened this one was near to where I was standing, waiting for the sound of approaching hoof beats.

It turned out well, for one could only hope that the horses legs would be in a good position at the moment of digital capture. It was a one shot at a time camera ! No problem with the relaxed jockeys.

When I painted these four images my only equine painting was of the Donkey Ride at the South Bay Scarborough. So it was ‘ suck it and see ‘ time ! ! Fortunately I had a transparent brown, which with modifications gave ( in my opinion ) a fair representation of these magnificent animals. Bringing as much ‘life’ into my work and trying to make people,animals etc look as if they might be moving is what I am about.

Also an authentic ‘ background ‘ sets them in place, giving me the opportunity to paint the buildings, an essential element of the composition.

To create added interest and link the two a horses and jockeys, I created mother and daughter chatting in the background which also gives ‘ scale ‘. Shadows also help ‘ ground ‘ the horses.

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