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Blog Post No 139

It is my pleasure to inform viewers that I have a feature in the November 2020 issue of the DALESMAN magazine. It was agreed with the editor that I would not publicise this until mid October.

The article has not been written by myself, but by Dr Andrew Liddle, a prolific author, and freelance journalist of forty years standing. This arising from a long chat in my garden ( respecting social distancing ) following a request for an interview.

This covers FOUR pages and includes SEVEN of my paintings ( NOT the one heading this page ). These range from the Coast to the Dales. Plus a a photo of myself, my wife Rose and our collie which we then had, taken in the Dales by a friend. The dog seemed to love having his photo taken as you can probably tell ! We were in walking attire ( not the dog ), which indicates that we did in fact often walk many miles taking photographs along the way, some of which I subsequently turned into paintings.

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