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Blog Post No 107………..The calmness of the waters on our day of visit gave almost still reflections of both the Screes and the metalware of old fences and gates. These placed as barriers to prevent any livestock passing from one area to another.

All that I can remember of that day is that the starting point was from the caravan site in Ravenglass. That Wasdale was somewhere we had to visit. Images of the Screes had captured our imaginations. Having put in all those miles to be in striking distance we had to ‘ go that extra distance ‘. We were not disappointed.

Having arrived, the next thing was to find a position from which to photograph the Screes, an interesting view with a foreground. We could not have wished for a more tranquil scene. The trees on the left closed off that side, and together with the dark railings with their reflections provided a counterpoint to the lightness of the rest of the painting.

We did spend the rest of the day venturing further up the Dale to enjoy the experience. It can be recommended.

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