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Blog Post No 31. On the occasional visits that we made to Norfolk, Rose and I ventured as far south as the Broads. Like the creeks in North Norfolk, we found that there was often some distance between locations where we could get to interesting places by the waters.

One of these was at Thurn. Apart from the windmill itself surrounded by the golden foreground I noticed like like many other situations on the Broads that the only parts of the yachts visible above their surroundings were the masts and sails. Quite charming. It was as if they progressing by themselves across the scene.

So the combination of the two, the Thurn windmill and the sails made a photographic opportunity not to be missed, and a memory that has stayed with me.

When one finds oneself in a situation that you know is unlikely ever to be visited again, decisions regarding photography have to be sized up and taken without too much hesitation.