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Blog Post No 83 …….Another diversion and a period piece ! …..I cannot remember exactly when this event took place. Rose and I had stopped off when passing through Ripley to visit the castle and had not expected to find this colourful gathering. I’m always excited at the prospect of something different to photograph and possibly turn into a painting.

I think that at this stage the battle had been fought, and the columns were standing for a moment before continuing to march off.

Painted in an impressionistic manner, not too bothered about detail. Apart from a few individual figures standing out, it was the whole body of infantry, the animation of the flags, and with the verticals of the flag poles and pikes which created the ‘ buzz ‘.

The tree broke further into the horizontal of the columns. Then the background line of hedges,the lone pike man exiting to the left, and the two lone figures discussing on the extreme right closed off the scenario. The tussocky grass in the foreground indicated that this was no lawn.

On the whole an interesting COMPOSITION created on the spur of the moment.

It looks as if there might be some small movement regarding the easing of our lock down in the near future. Don’t hold your breath, but stay safe and use art to usefully pass the time.