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Post No 20 This image painted c 1990’s is not one which I would ever have expected to post on the www as it would probably have only been of interest to a select group of people. Now there is an exciting story attached to this Hall which has been viewed on the television by very many people and has attracted waves of interest.

Rose my wife and I spent much time visiting and exploring in Calderdale at that time. Of course we knew nothing of Gentleman Jack and his exploits with which we have recently been acquainted. We have always been interested visiting new places and when we were living in Headingley Leeds had the choice of using the extensive public transport services or in this case due to it’s situation our own vehicle. We really enjoy the features of old buildings and their surroundings. This did not disappoint.

I took several photos from different angles to see which would give good viewpoints.

I chose to paint this image in a semi fauvist style which I thought at the time would give added ” quirkiness ” and a reasonable composition.

Together with it’s grounds and lake ( boating there on at the time ) it’s worth a visit.