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Post No 30. On the same bright, early, clear morning that I photographed ” Landing Stages Derwent Island ” I rowed just a short way into this little bay, and was presented with this lovely view. We (our border collie who could not get enough of being in our boat, aTinker Tramp ) and I were now sitting becalmed with a slight swell giving a glorious reflection of Skiddaw shimmering in that early morning light.

Even though this was in the 1990’s I can still remember the stillness, there was no one yet at the Landing Stages with no boats launched to disturb the waters . The hillside of darker green trees gave a good contrast to Skiddaw, and the light green of Crow park divided the mountain from it’s reflections.

This is a watercolour. I had I had spent some time transferring from oils at that stage which I was using only by request, and had not yet introduced myself to acrylics which would be my preferred choicest at the moment.

Magnifying this painting on the computer l realise this is anything but a simple operation to complete.

It is only now many years after doing most of my paintings that I am making a short analysis mainly of their compositions. This is not how I think then or now when I take a photograph. It’s just reflex. I see a situation, preferably in sunlight as I like colour, which might at some time make a good painting, try to get a good angle on it, create one or more compositions, then see if I can find alternatives.

Later at home I delete the unsuccessful and continue to weed out until I find the best.