This image from a much larger pen and ink picture was my first created for publication. Prompted by a friend who worked for a printer, but they only produced in black and white, or as in this case sepia. From the first there are many people in it and it took far too long to create. Dated 1981.

Blog No 148.

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Regret the long delay since Blog 147, much work done behind the scenes to add Locations and Subjects to the website by myself and my new web designer Mike. It is envisaged that the site will move mainly onto Facebook when I am shown how to do this, for at the moment I find this difficult to navigate, my digital skills being very limited.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel after a few health problems and a quickening of pace in the future as there is always so much to think about and to do. As I say to many people “ Don’t get OLD “ it’s not worth it and causes so many problems. Nobody takes any notice ! !

Let’s hope that with the lengthening of the days and easing of the lockdown there will be some normality returning to our lives and some pleasure. It will be nice to feel a bit less tired !

Next Blog I shall get back to more positive note and give more information about how things are going to look after I see what Mike has produced. The whole idea is to disentangle the present site and re- present it in a more coherent form without all my writings, but still retain what has been already done.

Best wishes to all