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Blog Post No62 Having been commissioned by Heather Hilder C1990’s, this is one of the several images I did over time for Kingsmead Hospital and Hospice Charity Christmas Cards. Copyrights all returned to me.

There was snow that year. So I ventured forth by bus to a situation that I knew. It worked out well and this is the result with a couple of tweaks requested from my provisional sketch / painting. This is typical of the often depicted snowy Lane with walls of different types, and fence posts, all disappearing into the distance of snowy fields on rising land.

The trees and sloping fence posts gave the required verticals, with the requested additional houses a feeling of habitation, and my often included figures to give life and scale. All together it gives a flavour of the Yorkshire Dales.

With the minor additions already mentioned this is an actual location in Wharfedale.

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