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Blog Post No 145

In these cold dark days of January 2021 with Covid 19 stalking the world, I thought that something more light hearted might be more suitable. To take minds off present problems if only for a short while, draw these cartoon figures. They were selected most probably whilst I was in my teens or twenties from scenarios created almost certainly by that brilliant cartoonist GILES.

I have just found them whilst again trawling masses of papers kept during several house moves. They have not seen the light of day for decades, nor ever been seen by anyone but myself.

If you have slogged your way through my last three blogs drawing manikins, then you should have by now a good idea about how to go about drawing these images. Whether you have or have not done this, have a go. Then colour them in !

A reminder. 1 Draw arms and body down to the waist or below. 2 Finish skirts or dress. 3 Next legs and feet. 4 Adjust if that is necessary. 5 LASTLY place on the HEAD. 6 If it has not worked out, give it another try, trying to think about what went wrong and how to correct it this time. 7 Relax an enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what you draw with or what you draw on. As you will have already seen mine were on a cheap loose leaf pad !