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Blog Post No 99………Another commission from Kingsmead Cards. Specific information when available was always supplied. Additionally most if not all cities and towns with a tramway system have books and or literature detailing tramway workings, usually with black and white photographs. If one is lucky and the systems ran long enough, coloured images might be available to help with tram liveries etc, if they were still current with the time of the picture.

If not, then I had the task of contacting people in, say the Tourist Information Centre for as much help as they might give. With the page headline of an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post of the ‘ Tram Detective ‘ will give an idea of what I often had to do.

My responsibility was to create a winter snow scene with a completely different snow scenario taking place.

In this instance a large empty area as well as the roadway needed my attention. So I also needed to use my imagination to occupy that space with some interesting happenings. With a layer of snow already on the ground it gave me the opportunity to show not only what was going on at the time, but also make up previous movements.

With lockdown now virtually ended please be even more vigilant, and STAY SAFE