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Post 18. I am well aware that this is a well known location and already painted many times. But when one has arrived in Staithes, decended the other side of the gorge from the car park, crossed the footbridge, then comes the urge to climb the roadway at this side to see if the the view really is as good as imagined. Well it really is, and it was not long before out came the camera to compose my version. I always try to create my version a little differently from anything I can remember seeing previously. Firstly in my image is a small section of grassy foreground to give an impression of depth to the scene below. I cannot recall seeing the small garden with a washing line stretched around a pole so this small detail was to be included. As I say many times people in a painting small as they often might be bring a painting and can , but not in this case be focal points. Here I have two entering the cottage on the left, two descending the road and others on the footbridge. I do not skimp on the number of cobbles as there are several moored in short lines. And the apparent jumble of buildings are just an artists delight. Then the outer harbour, enclosed by striated cliffs take you to the sea, the horizon and completion of a beautiful view. No wonder that it has been painted so often by so many.