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Blog Post No 50. Before we have got to this stage all the white of the paper was elimitated by thin washes of blue/pink, except the rear of the camper which was given a coat of white. Acrylic can be diluted to a thin wash. Acrylic is stable when dry and over painted.

Now I work all over the image. Only brief details are given as time and my typing skills are both limited. Firstly I need to put in some DARKS all over the painting where required to give CONTRASTS. These will usually be mixtures of Ultramarine and Alizarin Crimson. Only in exceptional circumstances do I resort to black.

Using light blue and white more thickly on the lake going straight through from end to end making it easier for the next stage. Mixing various greens I worked on the leafage, background hills and foreground grasses, all at the same time. This can give more unity to the painting. Washes of blue and red create the mauves for the hard standing.

In the photo I was wearing a dark patterned jacket, but had further thoughts and will change this. With some tidying up of my legs, the chairs and ‘odd bits’, the stage is set for future progression.

Yes, the COMPOSITION is unbalanced, but I have had the solution to this in mind in the planning stage. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the group had the answers as they remembered that I had already shown them that ‘little things can make a big difference’.

Regrettably the following part of this will be after a few Blogs of different subjects. This is as far as I have got with this painting.