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Blog Post No 75 This is the Linton near Grassington not to be confused with the Linton near Wetherby.

The sun was out, the shadows strong casting great shadows. This painting must be from an early period when I was concentrating on creating the light reflected grass with little variation. And it looks very much like uniform Black for the shadows. Not what I would do now, but O K for the time, probably the 1980’s. There is nothing wrong with that, it WORKED.

If you are finding painting hard going this painting is ‘ Not Too Complicated ‘ so I would recommend ‘ Have a Go ‘ at any Composition that takes your fancy. If it does go wrong don’t despair, it’s a learning curve and try again. It,s how I made progress.

It,s now week four of our lockdown. I need to keep busy through the day as I soon get bored, breaking time down into manageable chunks including coffee and lunch breaks. It also occasionally means an occasional nap in the afternoon !

It will end sometime. Keep safe