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Blog Post No 97 …….Surfers flock to both the North and South Bays Scarborough throughout the year.

There are two aspects of this painting which interest me and give added reasons for it’s inclusion. Firstly the surfers themselves. I include many people into many of my paintings. Whilst they may play key roles in those paintings they are NOT the ONLY subject matter. Here the two surfers are the SOLE subjects.

Just before the Library art group had to close due to the virus, I had introduced a session on drawing people using the drawing of a mannequin and the wooden model itself to help focus attention.

And only this week this topic was discussed at some length during a telephone conversation with a friend. This also included the placement of figures in relation to recession and other matters. I shall include a Blog about figures in due time.

Secondly the WATER. With no reference points to help, the task was to make the water look ‘ realistic ‘ and ‘ liquid ‘. I can’t remember the exact sequence and using acrylics it would likely not matter whether I organised the water before or after undercoating the figures.

Likely I applied one or more thin washes from the top and manipulated a slope as the washes ran down, letting each dry before the next. Then the runs and splashes of ‘ froth ‘ were introduced until I was satisfied. The two figures with their surfboards would then have been completed.

With more freedom, remember to STAY SAFE