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Blog Post No54 For many years Rose and I were members of the R S P B. Now we are not able to travel as we used to. However Rose is doing a great job of feeding and increasing the numbers of sparrows living in Sparrow Towers ( one of the hedges in our back garden ).

She is a keen bird watcher and this image was taken on a visit to Bempton Cliffs, just down the coast from Scarborough.

Having watched the seabirds for some time my attention switched to the variety of people who were there, and particularly the Bird Watchers whose attention was focussed on the activity going on below, and above. I was much taken with the huge camera, tripod and pose of the photographer. Happily my wife who always ‘ does her own thing ‘ on these trips was a great ‘foil ‘ in her red jacket looking through her binoculars. And the person to the left looking skywards, and framing the image to that side was too good to miss.

The safety railings with added fencing, plus the strong shadows complete the composition. The sea, many metres below and to the horizon is lightened, but that and anything else done is in the remit of the artist.

A bit Degas. ! !