Blog Post No 73 This is a slightly amended poster by the library trustees of my e mail to them. It is not an ideal time to be posting this Blog. But it might give the germ of an idea for when I RETURN to this subject with more detail in hopefully BETTER TIMES ahead.

This will be when the present coved-19 lockdown approaches it’s end.

The way that all our members have worked so well together to make it a success might work well for others.

In the meanwhile please keep on logging in for many more of my retrospective paintings and shortened writings as I am having to continue doing some left fingered writing due to the problem with my right shoulder. One of my pet utterings is ‘ If it’s not one thing , it’s another, and if it’s not that it’s something else ‘. And in my case that is certainly true.

But I always try for a dry joke and follow Winston Churchill’s motto ‘ Keep bu———-g on’. And it works.

Keep Safe