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Just a reminder that my surname is pronounced Lay-pish. Very few people ever get it right !

Blog Post No 81……….. I was asked to do a second slightly different version of this years ago, and hope that this is mine. Since this painting, a new cafe building has been built in front making this an historic version. An image containing the replacement cafe was started ages ago. When it will get finished is anybody’s guess !

This was created in a ‘ free and easy ‘ impressionistic style about ten year’s ago. As with all my paintings I did a very light drawing up so the original pencil marks don’t show through. That was just general positioning of the infrastructure, with no fine detailing.

Using the paints, probably acrylic as I explain elsewhere, although watercolours would turn out to look about the same, often applied in washes ‘left to do their own thing’ as in the cliff top slopes and foreground grasses and path.

It is fairly obvious that the chairs and people were quickly brushed in. And the whites are just the paper.