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Blog Post No 140

This again just to show that my photos are not just reproduced as a very recognisable lifelike image, this being in the Fauvist style.

I am extremely aware of our changing situations due to the increasing rate of COVID advance. In following Blogs I intend to return to my initial intentions of trying to give more inspiration and advice together with a mix of different paintings and images.

We all need ‘ things ‘ to do and concentrate upon whilst our movements are restricted due to impositions imposed upon us. Organising these Blogs and now further exercising my brain with verse gives me satisfaction and helps me forget for a while other pressing matters, whilst hopefully spreading ideas. So:—

Strange may you all have thought

My notice in that previous Blog have made

But with full support

Of the DALESMAN editor, Jon

There was no wish to interfere

With October,s issue of that month

Which perhaps you may have bought !

Therefore I again announce

That in this year’s NOVEMBER’s issue

Of the DALESMAN myself regarde

May a FOUR page FEATURE now astounde.

Written by a journalist, now a friend

SEVEN paintings include and also append

A photo of myself, wife Rose

And Pip our dog so many years ago.

With full walking gear we goes

With leggings, socks, boots, ( not the dog )

At that time when we could walk, not now

All those years ago.