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In days of yore when Rose and I were a great deal younger and living in Headingley, we spent many holidays in the Lake District. At that time we had a trusty Bay Window T2 camper.Then we both had two good legs ( unlike now ) and did our share of walking and enjoying the delights of this ancient sea port.

From the then excellent caravan site in Ravenglass, instead of going straight to the terminus of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway for a lovely trip up the line and a walk, we could enjoy the village and it’s surrounds. In this case, straight out of the site, a gentle walk along a wooded way, we would pass the well preserved remains of a Roman Bath House. Cutting off to the sea shore we would come across this scene.

This gave me a typical L shaped COMPOSITION. ( Start with a good composition and you are half way to creating a good picture ). Making use of the building and it’s structure, it gave the necessary Main Vertical Structure and what I call a ‘Stop End’ to the right hand side.

The pebbly, weedy shore, glimpse of the sea, distant vegetation, and the added verticals of the washing line posts which help to balance the picture, complete a simple but pleasant image.