Blog Post No 144

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I regret the long delay since the last blog, but my ability to PUBLISH disappeared several weeks ago and has only just been reestablished.

My many thanks to everyone of the 4500 and counting people from 17 countries who have logged into my website following my feature in the November 2020 issue of the Dalesman magazine.

Right now down to business. In these covid times particularly, my hope is that any information I give will help to improve skills and meaningfully occupy time.

Here is the front view of a smaller manikin in action. I NEVER try to tell viewers what to do, only suggest. If you try a different way, why not ? And You have the information from the previous TWO manikins to use as you draw and / or check when the figure is completed.

Draw lightly with as much rubbing out and adjustment as is necessary.

As you draw use the spational, directional and relational information to help proportion the body shape. Use a ruler if you think necessary.

If you don’t get it right first time, try again.

Best of luck.

NEXT time Blog No 145, we will be drawing figures from my paintings on the website. Now that you have the basics it will be much easier, and I shall be going through the process with you. We shall not be using all the ‘ scaffolding ‘ we have used so far.