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Blog Post No 55. It is a short walk fromTemple Newsam house, past the lake , over the bridge to the Walled Garden. At one time I seem to remember that this was the Rose Garden but around the perimeter were the herbaceous borders.

It is because of accidentally coming across the works of the Impressionists years after leaving college, that I started to take painting seriously. As I have explained previously I am TOTALY self taught.

From the Impressionists it was for me a natural progression to look at the works of the Neo-Impressionists. The two principle exponents of pointillism being George’s Seurat and Paul Signac painting in small juxtaposition dots or dabs of colour.

Painting this image about thirty years ago I was not fully aware of the the principals devised by the French chemist Chevreul merely using white or coloured dots over a precoloured undercoat. I should have been using complementary colours derived from the colour wheel.

I had drafted a more thorough explanation but apart from not wanting to bore you with that, I don’t have the stamina to type with my one finger approach. Anyway I thought that the image is sufficiently different to be included in the the blogs.

Please keep on logging in as there are many more retrospective images to come. Thanks to everyone for looking and hope you enjoy my postings.