Bittern steaming into Pickering station NYMR another painting by Pete Lapish.

Before the cancer I did a certain amount of photographic work along the line and at the stations.Several paintings were the result. I am always concerned to obtain a good composition and got myself into a pre-planned position well before the train arrived.

The fixed structures and the people on the platforms eagerly awaiting the train steaming in  are all as important as the main attraction and focal point. So I took the main photo. But for me there was one other secondary focal point missing and I was hoping that this could be obtained on a second visit.

As a volunteer at the time I knew some of the station staff. Luckily  it was not too difficult to persuade Alan the stationmaster of the day to pose for me in the spot that gave maximum balance and interest. It took a little while to get the pose I required to complete the composition that I was satisfied with. Thanks Alan.

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