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Blog Post No 92 ………..Canal Gardens with it’s attached Rose Garden and Glasshouse is situate at the opposite side of the main road from Roundhay Park. This used to be the terminus for the Roundhay tram service.

So called presumably due to the waters being long and straight, having the appearance of a canal.

The attraction for me is always the water and how to portray it’s surface in any particular location and mood. Here it is constantly disturbed by the several splaying fountains with the repercussions caused by the droplets. I love it !

The canal bank sides, the path and rear wall of the Rose Garden all give recession. Also the bases of the fountains, whilst the topmost reach of the three visible fountains, all being at eye level are on a horizontal plane, contributing to that effect.

The old buildings at the far side of the main road, reduced in size confirm the distancing.

As usual small figures, one wearing a RED jacket are added to give that sense of ‘ life ‘ and scale.

In these changing times as usual again STAY SAFE and watch out for some people who do not seem to know about the rule of the TWO METRE distancing ! !