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Blog Post No 104……..In the 1990’s Rose and I did much walking in the South Pennines. Many times we visited the areas in and around Haworth and on rare occasions ventured out west onto the moors beyond Stanbury.

On this occasion I remember that we took the bus to Stanbury and then walked to the location of Top Withins, the shell of which is visible. Certainly as we viewed the farmhouse at the time of our visit, it was a pale shadow of it’s former self. Never the less, an opportunity to imagine although in a different era the lives of Emily Bronte and her sisters.

However from that vantage point looking back east, one certainly obtained an idea of the scale of the moor, although in the past there were several more farm houses scattered over the area.

Coincidences come in many guises. I am not a literary gent. But my wife, Rose reads and explores many things. As I start to write this she then produces a book. Title ‘ The Real WUTHERING HEIGHTS ‘ by Steven Wood and Peter Brears. The Story of the The Withins Farms. There is a preface by Sir Tony Robinson who visited this place on one of his walks, and which we watched on television .This is full of information and many photographs and pictures. I had forgotten that Rose had actually asked me to buy the book for her birthday a couple of years ago !

Coincidence. Peter Brears was in charge of the Leeds City Museum C1990’s and invited me to paint certain buildings of Leeds and purchase other images of the city for a prolonged exhibition of these in the museum. A really nice gent. We got on well.

An interesting part of West Yorkshire along with the Calder valley to visit. Plus there is the vintage railway, the KWVR which also passes through Haworth.